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We’ve started re-watching Star Trek: The Next Generation some 30 years after we watched it the first time. In one way it’s a lot more interesting this time around, not so much for its entertainment value (although there is that) as much as for the images and spiritual truths that it brings to the surface in light of ideas that have been brewing during that 30-year interim.

We just watched season 1, episode 10, titled “Hide and Q” which seems strikingly similar to the theme underlying Lord of the Rings and the biblical theme of redemption.

In this episode, Captain…

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Reading David Bentley Hart’s Book,
That All Shall Be Saved

In some of my recent posts (, I discussed how I’ve been thinking about the character of God as portrayed in the Bible. As I’ve been working through the process, it continues to be both troubling but necessary at the same time… the journey is well worth the time and effort. …

A Positive View on the Benefit of Doubt

Samuel Cardillo

May 10, 2021

So as not to squander what can very well turn out to be a valuable learning experience, I wanted to continue to explore the phenomenon of spiritual doubt in a way that doesn’t minimize or seek quick and easy solutions, but rather takes the individual experience of doubt seriously. Why? Because all too often the inclination of spiritual counselors is (naturally and understandably) to resolve doubt quickly, to guide the doubter back on track, and to bring and end to doubt. While well-meaning on the part of the spiritual…

Is God a God of Justice or a God of Mercy?

Samuel Cardillo

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Here’s a basic question — Why do Evangelical Christians insist so emphatically on the idea of a God of Justice over against a God of Mercy?

Now the immediate response of most evangelicals (at least the ones I know) would be something like this: “God’s justice and mercy are not in conflict with each other… God is certainly merciful… his sense of justice doesn’t preclude his mercy… God can be both just AND merciful toward his created beings… he’s not limited to one or the other…” Yet, in the context of typical evangelical discussion about the Apostle Paul’s…

Reading Brian McLaren’s New Book

By Samuel Cardillo
January 6, 2020

Today I’m feeling overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for a book that Debbie gave me. We generally don’t give each other Christmas gifts, but she gave me a book by Brian McLaren that is life-changing for me — Faith After Doubt” Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do About It.

I’ve only gotten through a few chapters and had to stop. It’s one of those books that arrests you in your tracks from the very first word… so that you need to savor it, little by little, digest it, ponder over…

Samuel Cardillo, December 19, 2020

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Spoken words are nothing more than expression of thought. What was veiled and shrouded from the world around us in thought comes to light and plain view in our words. That’s why none of us dares to express our deepest personal thoughts; if we did, we’d not only shock our listeners, but we’d shock ourselves. Somehow, keeping our most honest thoughts to ourselves relieves us of the guilt we would otherwise feel if we were to blurt those thoughts out in words. …

samuel cardillo

“Critique” vs. Criticism:

Reading my book: Between Faith and Doubt

Following the publication of my book, Between Faith and Doubt: An Evolving Faith Journey, I’ve been experiencing an interesting but disappointing phenomenon. As a first-time author, having published a book that is at the same time very revealing of my personal journey, but also (I think) representative of a faith journey experienced by some (perhaps many) others, I had (perhaps naively) thought that some readers would at least appreciate the honest and explicit representation of one person’s exploration into the depths of his spiritual journey. …

The Message of Lord of the Rings in our Confused Culture

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The more I re-read through Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (which I’ve taken to doing once a year) the more I discover its veiled biblical truths that come to light. Not only was Tolkein a fantastic story-teller, he was also a devout Christian who drew on his vivid imagination to give us a classic story comparable in its scope to the biblical redemptive story, but in unapologetically mythological form. I say he did it unapologetically because he had sense enough to recognize that in order to tell his story in a way that would be plausible in its ability…

A Case for Reason

I’m about to make an argument that might be misunderstood, so please read carefully, and let me say up front that I am 100 percent pro-life.

Having endured the excruciating torture of sitting through last night’s debate, and having spent the last few days trying to make sense of the politically charged environment that we find ourselves enmeshed in these days, I thought it might help me to try to focus on one particular issue the divides us more than anything else — the issue of abortion. It’s an issue that’s so explosive that it doesn’t even come up in…

“Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”

Okay so I know I said I’m done posting on Facebook, but what can I say… I’m a glutton for punishment! And I’m sure to invite a thorough reaming on this one, but… here goes… Having recently read both Michael Cohen’s memoir, Disloyal and Bob Woodward’s new book, Rage, in a very significant way it’s hard to imaging two more completely opposite characters on today’s American political scene than Cohen and Trump.

On the one hand we have Michael Cohen, a self-described thug who loyally carried out the scandalous bidding…

Samuel Cardillo

Author of the book: Between Faith and Doubt — An Evolving Faith Journey

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